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Three months after starting his very first job, at 15 years old, Duane was given a training role in the business and he's never stopped.  Duane is one of the world's #1 Trainers of other Trainers, Presenters and Speakers.  Duane is frequently hailed by his Students as one of the top Personal Development Trainers and Speakers on the platform today.  He is also acknowledged as a Master Trainer, Coach and expert Teacher in the areas of Communication, Leadership, Achievement, Influence, Sales, Coaching and Business Strategy.

Duane Alley has spoken professionally throughout the world entertaining and educating audiences from 8 to 8000.  During the last 9 years, Duane spent well over 15,000 hours on stage coaching and training hundreds of thousands of people in 15 countries across 5 continents to create and develop their own unfair advantage in their businesses, careers and lives.  

Prior to launching a career as a professional speaker, Duane worked as a senior operations executive with some of Australia's biggest and fastest growing retail groups and franchise networks.  He then spent five years as head of research and lead trainer for what was of the world's largest and most successful personal development training and coaching organisations.   Duane draws on more than two decades of diverse leadership and management experience and more than 25 years of intense personal study of self-development, personal achievement, professional success, spiritual practices and human change technologies. He combines his career and life experience with mastery of communication and leadership to deliver truly inspiring personal coaching, breakthrough business consulting and inspirational corporate, personal development and transformational training.

Duane has led and continues to teach workshops, seminars and trainings in diverse business and corporate topic ares:

* Professional Speaker Training

* Wealth Creation

* Presentation Skills

* Communication

* Leadership

* Goal Setting & Achievement

* Sales Training

* Persuasion & Influence

* Collaboration & Negotiation

* Strategic Planning

* Vision & Values - Alignment & Achievement

* Performance Coaching & Consulting Training

* Accelerated Learning & Empowered Teaching

* Platform Sales & Selling from the Stage

In his unique immersion-training seminars, experiential events, small workshops and intimate retreats Duane brings an element of fun and playfulness to his trainings as well as a dynamic capacity to synthesize science, psychology, esoteric teachings and real world pragmatic results with a deep spiritual understanding and awareness that leaves his audiences spellbound with the simplicity and ease of assimilating such profound learnings and change.

Duane's interests, expertise and teachings extend beyond business and skills training to personal achievement topics and life-fulfilment areas.  He has created, written, developed and delivers programs in many other areas including the following:

* Living Passionately

* Discovering Life Purpose

* Life Vision & Mission

* Visioning Processes

* Developing Intuition

* Understanding  Archetypes

* Symbolic Coaching Processes

* Masculine / Feminine Energy

* Relationship Work

Duane is committed to helping all people live better lives day by day through his teaching, coaching, writing, on-line programs and live trainings, retreats & experiential events.

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Duane aslo regularly sort after to conduct private, business and coporate Trainings, Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.  If a pre-set corporate event does not already exist Duane can re-engineer many of his public seminars to suit your environment.  He is also able to design and tailor specific training outcomes to your organisational needs.

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Speaking at your meetings, conferences or for your business or organisation with keynote presentations is also possible.  Topics can be drawn from any of the current training programs and will be tailored to suit your specific needs, outcomes and reasons the gathering or presentation.

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 a leading Coaching, Consulting & Training organization, Performance Results was established to deliver next generation tools for change and achievement to the maximum amount of people. The Performance Results Team is focussed on empowering and enabling individuals, groups and organizations to create rapid, massive and lasting change.

Performance Results provides ongoing & breakthrough transformational coaching specializing in the areas of health, relationships, therapy and personal performance  enhancement.

Cutting edge business consulting services cover leadership, communication, sales & negotiation, systems development, vision & values creation & alignment as well as specialized programs for new Life/Business Coaches teaching how to start and operate their own successful Coaching Business.

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