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  • How Duane completely shifted his focus on goal after goal after goal, to one that you will be not only living a life of impact but also loving the life you live.
  • How to engage with the people around you so that your achievements and their creations are accelerated; the secret of constant “green lights”.
  • How to embrace and employ a continuing “practice of gratitude” – this is way beyond the “attitude of gratitude” you’ve heard about in books, CDs and videos.
  • How to integrate a simple and profound process for getting into action and getting “stuff” done, everyday and every week.

The strategies in 7 Minute Secrets to a Successful Life & Career will help you develop a new way of waking up every day ready to charge forward with massive action and then build into a powerful weekly planning system based in what you value as most important in your life.  This makes a difference, a huge difference and it can make it now.

“Duane has captured the essence of what produces results and fulfillment in life.  His 7 Minute Secrets are simple yet effective showing you how to apply the attitude of gratitude to your life.  These secrets of appreciation and doing the little things are core to your success.  Enjoy!”

- Annette Lynch, Author of Success Beyond Sport; Olympian, International Speaker, Success Coach

“Since the very first secret I have been starting my day with a smile on my face.  It’s a beautiful way to start the day and has guaranteed that my day goes well.  I have since passed the secrets on to many people and they are also using them to start their day on a good note!  Thanks so much Duane for the really practical, really easy to use tips.”

- Christie Pinto, Personal Coach, Trainer, Facilitator