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The Gift of Gratitude is a one of the Powerful "Inner Games of Excellence" discussed in Duane Alley's Best Selling book 7 Secret Habits of Success.  This book is a 6 month Journey to truly understanding and appreciating the incredible power of "Gratitude" in our lives.  As a structured journal and easy to follow and allow system of bringing Graitude into our lives everyday, this book changes your live, love, living and ultimately the success you create around you everyday.  Grab yourself a copy today.

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Three months after starting his very first job, at 15 years old, Duane Alley was given a training role in the business and he's never stopped.  Duane is one of the world's #1 Trainers of other Trainers, Presenters and Speakers.  He is also frequently hailed by his Students as one of the top Personal Development Trainers and Speakers on the platform today.  Duane is  acknowledged as a Master Trainer, Coach and expert Teacher in the areas of Communication, Leadership, Achievement, Influence, Sales, Coaching and Business Strategy.

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The ultimate immersion experience across 5 days where life is the classroom and every moment a lesson.  Uncover your own drives, motivations and challenges and unleash your power, purpose and passion as you challenge yourself to succeed, achieve and submit to surrender, excellence and ultimate indulgence.

Club Med (Bintan Island)

13 - 17 May, 2014

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Take a weekend to strategise, share, plan and craft the next year of your life to be the best year of your life ever lived.  An intimate 3-day retreat with a maximum of 10 people where the focus is on you, your achievement and your full-fill-ment.

January 17 - 19, 2014

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What others say

"exciting  charismatic

  dynamic  entertaining"

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Duane Alley for the past 5 years. I have been able to see Duane prosper as an exciting and charismatic speaker, trainer and presenter. His extreme attention to detail for all of his training and presentations make them very memorable indeed. He has presented to 10's of thousands of people all around the world and is adored by so many people in so many countries. 

If you are looking for dynamic, entertaining speaker that delivers a concise and precise message, at the same time, keeping the audience involved at 100%, then Duane Alley is the person you are looking for.

Make no mistake, there are thousands of people out there who claim to be great presenters, of which I have seen many, but Duane is a standout out by far and you will be hard pressed to find some more energetic and knowledgeable speakers than Duane.


Palmdale, California, USA 
"The Social Media Bloke"


"absolute authority in the

speaker-training field"

Duane is an absolute authority in the speaker-training field. I integrated lessons he taught me to boost my speaking performance massively.
Highly recommended.


Sydney, Australia


"master on the platform  - 

best in the business"

Duane Alley is a master on the platform.  But even better than that is his ability to coach and train others who are in the speaking business.  His experience, attention to minute detail and depth of knowledge is evident in the results he gets from his Clients.


Having worked with him for the past few years, I highly recommend him as the best in the business.


Gold Coast, Australia 

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